As a qualified personal trainer I will empower you with knowledge, effective workouts, proper nutrition ideas and motivation and also hold you accountable to your goals. As a trainer I will help prevent you from sustaining an injury that will set you back.

People who hire and work with personal trainers learn more, have success and are then able to train on their own and continue to maintain the great shape their trainer afforded them.

Here is a sample of client feedback and testimonials:

…remarkably effective….

“I’d advise anyone looking for expert help and guidance in strengthening his/her body to consider Chris Kennedy and his Ovation program. I have worked with him for several years and continue to be impressed by his knowledge and understanding of what one can and should do. Very careful, safe, yet remarkably effective. He is also a fine, kind, and very engaging person. Highly recommend without hesitation or qualification.”
Alex E.


….He has kept me motivated….

“I have worked with Chris at Ovation for 18 months. I am extremely pleased. He has kept me motivated. I am significantly healthier and stronger than I was. My posture and toning is improved.
Additionally, although weight loss was not a primary goal, I lost 15 pounds.”
Fitness Client